SOCIETY – Artist Jeff Quigley

SOCIETY .. Latest artwork by Jeff Quigley – Just completed this one. (January 2024)

This piece is the biggest artwork I have undertaken to date. It was a long labour of love to paint this particular theme. I have absolutely no idea how many hours I have spent on this one as I lost count at about sixty hours and that was some time ago.

“Society” is all about my opinion on the wonder technology of mobile phones and where it has taken us or should I say where we have been lead to.

“Society” is acrylic on canvas, and a bloody large painting 122cm x 92cm. It is my latest work and hopefully will be accepted into the next exhibition at the Emu Park Art Gallery which will be opening on the 8th February.

If you have not visited the Local Emu Park Gallery and Gift Shop then I highly recommend that you do so. Admission is FREE and the Gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

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Never Ending Steps To The Top – Artist Jeff Quigley.