About SQ

2021 saw the commencement of the wind down of my Studioquigs Web Design Business. After 20 years it is just time. Two productive decades which I did enjoy but it is now time to take a bit of stress out of my life.

Time to concentrate on other endeavours.

I am an active member of the Emu Park Art Gallery and hopefully will now be able to motivate myself to get cracking and produce even more paintings. A hobby in which I get great satisfaction and a world where I can continue to exercise my ‘creative streak’.

You can keep up to date with my paintings on this website here

Emu Park currently has a brand new Art Gallery which opened in September 2021. If you are in town then the Gallery is well worth a visit.

But please always remember that I will still definately be available to give advice, consultancy and assistance with website design. I am not dead yet.