MANKIND BLEACHING – Artist Jeff Quigley

My painting and my depiction of what is happening. It has been often commented on and over a lenghty period of time that in our part of the globe that the canary in the mine has been the vast coral bleaching of our beautiful barrier reef

In my opinion one only has to take a look at what is happening right now around the planet to observe that there is ‘bleaching of mankind’ and unfortunately I don’t believe that too many people actually give a shit. But yeah, we were and have been warned.

I really do worry about my grandkids and great grandkids. What is the not to distant future going to be like for them.

Mankind Bleaching is framed, acrylic on canvas, a large painting 88cm x 58cm. It is my latest work and hopefully will be hung in the next exhibition at the Emu Park Art Gallery. That exhibition will be opening on the 22nd July 2024.

If you have not visited the Local Emu Park Gallery and Gift Shop then I highly recommend that you do so. Admission is FREE and the Gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

Mankind Bleaching – Artist Jeff Quigley. (Click on image for larger view)