Parkie Scream – Artist Jeff Quigley

“Parkie Scream” New painting by Jeff Quigley, done and dusted and all ready for the first ever exhibition at the New Emu Park Community Art Centre. I’ve titled this piece “Parkie Scream” Framed and is an acrylic on canvas, a large painting 88cm x 58cm.

The Gallery Members have fingers crossed for a mid November Exhibition date. I certainly hope so.

Parkie Scream was finished 15th October 2021

I’ve sort of based this painting on the iconic masterpiece The Scream by Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch, painted in 1893, with my very rough attempt to replicate the agonised central figure.

A bit of interesting trivia here. In 2012 Munch’s The Scream sold at public auction for only 120 million dollars. (see pic below) I do intend to list my “Parkie Scream” at a drastically reduced price. ………… Just saying

This piece is available for sale with conditions. It is to be available for hanging in the opening exhibition of the New Gallery and for the duration of such exhibition. Any enquiries please contact Jeff on (07)49396587

In 2012 Munch’s The Scream sold at public auction for 120 million dollars.