…. SOLD …. SOLD …. SOLD …

High-Rise Cometh, The Precedent Is Set is the title of this piece.
The beautiful coastal town of Emu Park of which I reside in and have done so for 37 years is about to change forever with the recently approved first ever development of a six storey high rise complex.

In a narrow four votes to three the local Council approved of supporting this development application. No doubt more high-rise will quickly follow as the precedent has now been set.

This painting depicts my feelings on the development and my concerns for the future of the township. The four Livingstone Shire councilors that voted for this are depicted in my work. They are from left to right, Councilor Adam Belot, Mayor Andy Ireland, Councilor Pat Eastwood and Councilor Glenda Mather

IMO it is like Oscar Wilde stated, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

High-Rise Cometh, The Precedent Is Set is Unframed and is an acrylic on canvas, a painting 45cm x 60cm. It is my latest work and hopefully will be hung in the next exhibition at the Emu Park Art Gallery. The new exhibition will be officially opened on Sunday the 12th of February, but the works can be viewed from Wednesday the 8th of February.

High Rise Cometh -My apologies for the camera work, it is not a good photo.