CATCHING THE RATTLER – ALL STATIONS TO THE CITY (circa 1970s) – Artist Jeff Quigley

Catching the Rattler, All stations to the city (circa 1970s) … This work was inspired from my memories of being one of the thousands of commuter cattle that boarded the Red Rattlers each working day morning to make our way to the City (Sydney NSW). The station portrayed is my home station Gymea on the Cronulla Line.

Catching the Rattler, All stations to the city (circa 1970s) is Framed and is acrylic on canvas, a large painting 70cm x 50cm. It is my latest work which has now been accepted into the new exhibition at the Emu Park Art Gallery which opened June the 17th.

In the early 70s I personally had the joy of traveling some 25 plus stations to get to my destination although the majority times it was via the ‘Express’ Rattler that didn’t have to stop at most of the stations on route.

This all come to a grateful end when my workmate was old enough to get a car. We upgraded from packed commuter trains to bumper to bumper traffic.

Funny where life’s journey eventually takes you, and those with you, and how, when and why you get to where you are now. I had an awesome time growing up and living in and starting a family in The Shire in Sydney. It was one of the best decisions of my life leaving the big smoke in late 78.

Been a lot if beautiful, interesting and fun ‘stations’ along the journey and I am so lucky to still have a valid ticket to keep on going.

(Psssst I am not planning of going anywhere by the way)

Catching the Rattler, All stations to the city (circa 1970s) click to view larger image