The Misguided Children Of Clan Watts – Artist Jeff Quigley

The Misguided Children Of Clan Watts. – The Brush has met the canvas again. I have a new ‘Latest Painting’ I’ve titled The Misguided Children Of Clan Watts. Well there is a bit of a story behind this piece.

Some of you may be aware of my ‘slight’ leaning to the left when it comes to politics. Prior to the last federal election my bastard smirking Tory loving ‘Good Mate’ Peter Watts and I engaged in many a friendly banter over the upcoming result.

On the day of the election Peter and his lovely family were involved in the local Relay For Life and anticipating a good result for “our” side I overconfidently dropped off a large supply of Popcorn for the kids and Pete and Loretta to consume as the Results came in.

As they say the rest is history.

During the night of the Relay Peter kindly emailed me a photo of his lovely kids eating the popcorn as they took in the live broadcast of the election count. This photo is the subject of my painting and is my penance for my over confidence.

The inclusion of the Paul Gallen Book in the painting …. well that is a whole different story.