Surf Trek – Artist Jeff Quigley

“Surf Trek” Framed and is an acrylic on canvas, a large painting 88cm x 58cm. My latest work and can be purchased for $380.00. Just contact Jeff on (07)49396587

If you have ever dabbled in painting then you will know what a hard time it is to actually finish a painting. It is a battle to surrender and put down the brushes. This one I finished at least seven times.

Anyhow the latest painting is titled “Surf Trek”. I was inspired by a black and white photo posted by a mate. I took plenty of advantage with the old artist licence to hopefully transform it into colour.

LATEST WORK BY EMU PARK ARTIST JEFF QUIGLEY ## …. Titled: “Surf Trek” (painted December 2020)

“Surf Trek”. It is an acrylic on canvas, Framed,88cm x 58cm.