Lucky Buggers, arn't we (May2018) - By jeff Quigley Artist Emu Park

Lucky Buggers, arn’t we (May2018) – By jeff Quigley Artist Emu Park

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“Lucky Buggers, arn’t we”.
This one was a difficult one for me to paint, but it has been stirring in the back my head for quiet some time. I wish I knew the answer to this worlds problem. The work is an acrylic on canvas 70cm x 50cm. Re the photo – my camera work is not real good with this one – it is not a good photo of the painting but it shows enough of the content.

Lucky Buggers, arn’t we – was one of seven paintings I had in the Emu Park Art Gallerys June 2018 Exhibition. I was honoured to be the Featured Artist for the Exhibition.

Jeff Quigley Emu Park Artist - Lucky Buggers, arn't we painting