Resizing your images and how to use Fast Stone.


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You can rename your images – even rename the ones in the original-pics folder – whatever makes you happy.

For this exercise we are going to rename the pics that are in the resize-pics folder.

So before we can do anything we have to open the resize-pics folder in Faststone Image Program.

Shortcut icon

If you have closed down your FastStone Image Viewer program then you will need to reopen it.

Okay if you have downloaded correctly the Faststone Image viewer program then you will see
this shortcut icon on your desktop – if you click it – it will open the program up. Try it.

If you can’t see the shortcut icon then you will have to go to the green start button at the bottom left corner of your screen – click on the start —>Programs —> then find FastStone Image Viewer – click on the icon and the program will open.

Find your way to the resize-pics folder – you should know how to get there if not and for the last time I will tell you – its….

C Drive –> My Documents –> bag-pics-for-web –> bags-july-07
and this will open.

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